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NLP Trainer, Coach & Hypnotherapist

NLP Trainer, Coach & Hypnotherapist


Over the years Angela has helped hundreds of people to let go of negative Thinking and  Fears, enabling them to  Bust their Limiting Beliefs about what is possible.  Allowing them to Achieve their  Full Potential as they let  go of old patterns of behaviour along the way.

She has worked in the UK and Australia using  the skills and strategies she has learned over many years, firstly as a psychiatric nurse and then collecting many qualifications and studying human behaviour  to help her make a difference to many peoples lives,  as you can read from her long list of testimonials from happy clients.

Angela’s skills are unique in that she first began her life as a self employed small business owner over 30 years ago.  She knows the pitfalls, worries and stresses through experience and can help people with their  business and personal issues.

Through learning Angela’s simple marketing strategies and ways of promoting your service, you will find you grow a thriving business and earn more money as you gain from her experience in life and business.


“It seems unbelievable when I think back just 5 weeks before my last session with you, I was depressed, having trouble sleeping, irritable and struggling to maintain relationships with those dearest to me – my family. I was in a hole and sinking fast. All that has changed. It almost feels like a different me. I’m sleeping really well. My relationships at home have never been better, in fact all my interactions with others have improved and I’ve developed the self belief to attract a job that pays nearly twice that of my old job. Thanks again Angela”


For you to be reading this page you have most likely been looking for help with either therapy or coaching.  The difference between the two in the way Angela works, is that she uses hypnosis as a therapy to help people with issues about the past or worries about the future that might be effecting their personal or business life.


Coaching is a different role.  As your coach, Angela helps to direct you towards your goals for the future.  You may still have issues around confidence, fears, beliefs and worries about your ability to be successful but this is where Angela helps you as your coach to work through your limiting beliefs and helps to direct you and motivate you by being accountable to do the work that is required for you to achieve the results that are important to you.


Angela offers three different online coaching programs.  “The Best You Coaching Program”, is aimed at helping people who are stuck in any area of their personal life, to help them move forward and reach their goals, whether regarding health, wealth or relationships.

The “HBC – Holistic Business Coaching Program”,   is directed at helping small business owners set goals, plan, Identify the problems in their business and work towards solutions, learn marketing strategies and ways of promoting their service,  resulting in increased revenue and a more balanced life.

Directed at helping small business owners set goals, plan, Identify the problems in their business and work towards solutions. Whilst also learning marketing strategies and ways of promoting their business which  results in increased revenue and a more balanced and happy life.


Angela’s third program is one she also identifies with at a personal level.

Helping people along their journey through cancer after having her own experience with Breast Cancer in April 2012.  Angela used the illness as an opportunity to ‘walk her talk’ and use her skill as a hypnotist and NLP Trainer to help her stay positive and resourceful throughout her own treatment.  She developed the  “Journey Through Cancer Coaching Program”.   as her way of  helping  individuals by giving them strategies and skills to use  along their journey with cancer.  To help individuals and their loved ones in  coming to terms with treatment and resources to  deal with all the emotions presented with grace and ease.


If you are interested in Hypnosis and how  this modality can help you in many ways, whether you have issues regarding the past, stress that is effecting you now or worries about the future, hypnosis can help you change the way you think and take back control of your mind rather than it controlling you.

“Through NLP & Hypnosis Angela has shown me how to hold on to good feelings and not get so emotional and caught up in life’s dramas. It took a few weeks and just when you think it is not working, you realise how much it is! I am really surprised how different I feel.”    Tracey – Qld Australia


Take a look at her  HYPNOSIS  page.

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone and finally make those changes to your life? Are you ready to dive in and just do it?

Angela Can help you change your mind about things that have been bothering you, and find the solutions to your problems.

All you have to do is to fill in the form for more information.

If you are interested in coaching.  Apply now by clicking on this link:   coaching page ,  fill in the form and questions there.

You will leave the call with a new sense of perspective, purpose and clarity to move forward


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